How can my business become a sponsor?

Simply contact your local SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM AGENT at 276-832-1016 or fill out the contact form on the website.

What Rules are there for becoming a sponsor?

You must have a product or service that is authorized to be sold to the general public then approval by SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM.

How long does the approval process take?
We try to provide a 24 hour turn around.

Can my business be turned down?
Yes by SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM or the County Sheriff with all decisions final.

How much is the cost of sponsorship?
This is entirely negotiated with SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM and is based on size of the subscriber base and message frequency.

Who does the sponsor make payment to?
SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM will collect and retain all of the sponsor funds. Based on the sponsor arrangements SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM will instruct on how to make funds transfers. Note: Sponsorship funds must be collected in full by SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM prior to any sponsorship messages being sent out.

Is my sponsorship tax deductable?
Yes, but you need to contact your local CPA to learn more about tax benefits. SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM will provide you with your sponsorship payment documentation.


Is the Sheriff Alert System a Non-Profit Company?

No the Sheriff Alert System is a for profit company that provides a valuable tool to those organizations or agency's that use it.

Is my business under any kind of contract?
No, you pay for what you will be sponsoring with no further obligations once those messages have been sent out.

Do I control my sponsor message?
SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM gets message approval and then enters the message into the system for delivery. You will provide the basic content of your message to SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM.

How large can my sponsor message be?
These are short sponsored by Text messages that can include your name, website link, phone number.

How do I know how many people will receive my sponsor message?
SHERIFF ALERT SYSTEM can provide you this information upon request in writing.

How many messages is the Sheriff required to send?
There is no binding requirement on the Sheriff. The Sheriff's Office will determine what messages need to be sent out and when.

Is there any message my sponsorship would not be attached to?
Yes, any Security, Amber Alert, Fire, Life Threatening or Law Enforcement type message will not have a sponsor message attached so that there is NO confusion in the message content.


What if I don't have a Business, Can I personally Sponsor?

Yes you can Sponsor with Name Recognition or remain Anonymous its your choice. The Annual Sponsorship fee is the same.


What if I do not live or have a Business in the County?

You can still Sponsor and get the exposure for your Business. These services are costly so we welcome all Sponsors.

What is 276-259-1962 ?

Sheriff Alerts use 276-259-1962 as the send from number. 


Is the Sheriff Alert System a Government Agency?

The Sheriff Alert System is NOT a Government Agency, and is not funded by any Agency funds or Tax payer funds.